About us

Kennel Limeblossom is a small, serious family kennel located just south of Stockholm. The people who run the kennel is me, Denise and my mother, Susanne. After having seen a Leonberger for the first time, in the mid 80's, Susanne decided that it was the breed she wanted. This resulted in that when in 1992, at just one year old, I came in contact with my first Leonberger. The new family member was Sjärnbackas Edikta Von Poppel "Cher". She was a lovely lady who knew exactly what she wanted, and did not do anything in vein. How ever, in exchage for some candy she could do tricks she never learnt before. Cher had two litters throughout her life. The first one was born in 1994, and the second was born in 1995. In the first litter, we kept a male, Limeblossom Gemini of Rubus "Gemini". Gemini was a very beautiful and determained gentleman. He showed up a lot in the ring, and became father to two litters. From the second litter of Cher, we kept a female. Unfortunately she was not used for breeding, but became a loved family member.
Between the years 1998 and 2003, a lot came in between that made it so that the kennel life went on hold for a while. In Year 2003, we bought Knockando’s Kalimna vina Limeblossom ”Ice”. She had a litter in 2006, with five puppies. In that litter, we kept a male, Limeblossom Norrington of Fazer ”Akilles”. Akilles was also a very beautiful male Leonberger, but he did not show up in the ring, or father any puppies. Because we did not believe he had the mentality that we believe a Leonberger should have. With Akilles however, we went on a couple of obediense courses, where he could shine with his intelligence and desire to learn new tricks.
Because Akilles did not become breeding material, we once again had to have a break, til 2013 when we bought Knockando’s XO De Luze Fine ”Luzy”. She was bought with the intent of becoming the new backbone of the kennel. Luzy has a wonderful temperament and has shown up in the ring a few times, she was awarded with a CK.
We believe that you should only breed with healthy and sane dogs. That is why our dogs that we use for breeding, always have x-ray on both their elbows and hips. They should also have their eyes checked, and be exhibited. The dogs should also have completed a mentality test, as that is important to us in our breeding. Of course, we also follow the basic rules that apply to breeders, and the breeding recommendations found in the Leonbergerklubben.
It is also important for us to maintain contact with the buyer of the puppy even after the puppy has left us. Then we can follow the breed and see the dogs grow up and adapt to their new home. We are also available as support and can offer advise if the new dog owner(s) need it.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us, or send us an email. You are of course also welcome to drop by if you wish!
Warm regards
Denise och Susanne Lindblom